Our Approach

Forelo fits like a gLOVE!

For Forelo is imperative to engage in a long term relationship with its customers. This is beneficial for both the customer and Forelo. We develop a company unique solution, with a ‘long term vision’ as a key cornerstone.





Forelo fully understands the huge impact of your expertiseplatform and wisely empowers you to engage your people throughout your company. Your satisfaction is our concern. Forelo delivers undivided support and immediate assistance. We safeguard and valorise your data in a long-term engagement. After all don’t forget that: ‘with great power comes great responsibility – Peter Parker’.
The key to a successful and long-term solution is incorporating your company culture in our approach. Forelo offers attainable tools , a personal service and measurable results.

Our customers already enjoy:

  • screening en remediation in the work place
  • training & certification of the staff: different permits
  • specialized hosting of performant communicationplatforms
  • valorisation of company information and expertise by collaboration and sharing

A match made in heaven

It is important for FORELO that we like to swim in the same pool with our customers. That our joined ‘ecosystem’ can develop in clear water. If there is no match between FORELO and your company there are other solutions available. FORELO is happy to enter with your company into a relationship that can last for many years.
The understanding and the mutual expectations must be a very clear from the start.


For the design, conception and development of tailored solutions FORELO has been working long and exclusively together with following partners, each and every one companies with an impeccable track record.