About Us

Forelo provides your corporate platform for communication, collaboration and e-learning.
Forelo also hosts learning platforms for schools and is expert in work based learning.

Incorporating your company culture

We listen and analyse with a clear vision on up-to-date communication and effective collaboration. 

Your data = our priority!

  • Hosted on our own servers in Belgium.
  • Fully secured and efficient
  • With a single sign-on (SSO).

Personal approach

Forelo offers your tailor made tools in a personal platform. The key to succes: incorporating your company vision in our approach.

Triple win

  • Considerable cost reduction
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Increased productivity.

Companies and schools

  • On-the-job training: anytime & anywhere’
  • Work based/Dual learning
  • Consolidating company knowledge and expertise
  • NEW Cosnics software!


  • Platforms for e-learning, screening and collaboration
  • Portals with integration of your company software
  • Consultancy and support

Our team

Have you ever seen a bear in a cage? He is not very happy. Quite understandable, since it’s not his natural habitat. This is also the case for Forelo: we feel much better in a company that encourages agility and flexibility and where an ‘outside the box ‘ approach results in smart and user-friendly solutions for the challenges of the ever growing stream of information and company knowledge.
Forelo offers you solid solutions for e-learning, screening and certifying, taking your budget and your pace into consideration.


Koen Favere
+32 (0)493 63 04 09

Michaël Hosdez
+32 (0)479 78 80 41

Barry Forelo